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Mobile Developer

Edward DiGirolamo

A techie, turned mobile developer, with a passion for beautifully designed & purposefuly built mobile applications. The ability to natively design, build and deploy iOS & Android applications to their respective stores. knowledgeable in analytics, database design as well as advertising

mishap prevention

Near Miss

Safety is paramount. Dunmore Corporation has a system allowing employees to record incidents where something could potentially happen, and offering up possible solutions to prevent any future instances. The Near Miss app ties into their system allowing their employees to submit their incidents on the go, from home or away.

Your health, your way


Having a loved one sick, or injured is never a good thing. Doctors and care providers often answer our questions with more information that only leaves us with more questions and even more convused. Track your questions, concerns, appointments, vitals and medications all in one place with realtime updates. Share your childrens medical info with your spouse in real time.

Be in the know

Server Monitor for Plex


Plex server manager is for the advanced plex server host, someone sharing his/her vast treasure trove of movies, music and media with friends and family. This app monitors your servers and alerts you as well as any specified friends to the status, making sure you will be the first to know of any issues. Server monitor is your tool to be the master of your libraries and its consumers!

The world at your fingertips

Intell for Ingress

Ingress agents are you looing for a map that has no bounds? Look no further intell for ingress uses every available pixel on your device to bring you the largest possible map, with great features such as screenshots, map linking, sharing locations with teammates and even navigation.